About Us

About Us

We Are Leading Real Estate Company With A Vision

“DIRECT DEALWALA” is not just a name, it’s a philosophy. Our goal is simple to connect every property seeker directly, be it someone looking for a rental property, a plot, a flat, or someone wanting to buy or sell their independent house.

We aim to facilitate direct transactions between property sellers and buyers or those looking to rent, without involving any agents. This way, both parties can save both time and money.

The foundation of the “DIRECT DEALWALA” company was laid with the objective of fulfilling this purpose. Through the “DIRECTDEALWALA.COM portal, we provide these services at very minimal costs.

We are confident that every property seeker will appreciate our services because our offerings save both time and money.

Building Management Mastery

Building Management Mastery Discover the art of efficient building staff management with DirectDealWala

Unveiling Property Histories

We delve into the captivating histories of our properties. From architectural heritage to previous ownership.

Realty Investments

Explore the economic landscape of real estate with DirectDealWala

The Team

Our Experts

George Doe

Head Engineer (CN)


Committed To Provide A Better And Lifetime Relationship.

Quality is not just a commitment, it’s our standard . We adhere to rigorous quality control measures, ensuring that every project meets or exceeds industry standards.

We Follow Best Practices

Our sole purpose is to provide long-term and best services so you won’t have to look for solutions in different places.

Trust and Worth

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